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Paving Sealants

Designed for use on expansion joints, construction joints and crack-control joints in concrete, Dow silicone pavement sealants:
DOWSIL™ Silicone Paving Joint Sealants
DOWSIL™ 888 Silicone Joint Sealant
DOWSIL™ 1200 OS Primer

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Important Information

Dow Corning® high performance silicones is now branded DOWSIL™

​ Beginning in February 2018, Dow Corning® brand silicone materials for high performance building will transition to the new DOWSIL™ brand.

Combining the power of two trusted companies
The DOWSIL™ product brand name represents the collective experience and combined power of Dow and Dow Corning. You’ll get the same warranty coverage, features and benefits you’ve come to expect from these trusted silicone products.

These SDS, Product Information and Product Data Sheets are offered in good faith as typical values and not as product specifications. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is hereby made. Therefore each user should review these recommendations in the specific context of the intended use and determine whether they are appropriate.